Monday, February 23, 2015

Bach Chris Recap Ep 8, 9, who's keeping track anymore SOMEONE HELP ME

Jazzy cats!

I didn't get around to writing a Bachelor recap after last Monday's episode because I couldn't stomach 5 straight hours of Bach watching and THEN Bach recapping.  I had to have a life!  So a quick run-down of last Monday goes like this:

-Britt doesn’t get negged, Britt negs YOU!  The only thing that Britt loves more than wearing eye make-up 24/7 is avoiding public rejection, so she rudely disrupts a rose ceremony in order to avoid being left in the lineup.  She kicks rocks--I'm sure she's got some shifts to pick up at the restaurant in LA. Byeeeee. 
-Sadly, Carly gets sent home, too. YOU RULE ANYWAY, GIRL! 
-Becca's Nawlins family see her as a child and Becca's sister Katie can't get over the fact that little Becky Becks has brought a man home.  She's an adult--stop treating her like a tyke! 
-Whitney’s family is very sweet, but sister is a bit of a downer (with great taste in apartment decor). 
-Kaitlyn’s family is lovely and her mom is like her BFF, which is very sweet. 
-Jade and her father have a wonderful bond that brings tears to their eyes and the eyes of Bachelor Nation.  Jade was in Playboy AND has a fantastic relationship with her father, which was a really refreshing thing to watch on TV and an interesting topic for Bach to explore.  Sadly, Chris sends Jade home and insists it's not about the Playboy secret.  I believe him--is that naive? 

So we're down to 3 ladies and Prince Farming in Bali where they will be experiencing the infamous Fantasy Suite dates.  Chris says, “I’m going to want to know that the intimacy aspect can potentially be there” which a network-friendly euphemism for TEST DRIVE HUMPS!  Oh there are PLENTY more euphemisms where that came from! 

First up is Kaitlyn, the Canadian jokester who made a bad impression at first but has emerged as a fun and easygoing gal with a warm, big family.  Chris and Kaitlyn walk around Bali hugging people everywhere they go then make-out beneath a droopy tree.  That night, Kaitlyn rocks a bikini top and a bold, flowy skirt as Chris sweats through his button down shirt and they "eat dinner" (sit behind plates and make out).  In between spit-swapping, they throw around every dating cliche in the book: "put yourself out there," "open yourself up," and so on.  That night back at the fantasy suite, Kaitlyn tells Chris that she's completely falling in love with him and he reciprocates those comments.  Time to pull down the shades and KICK IT UP A NOTCH! 

The next day is a boat trip for Chris and Whitney and the captain of their boat loves ramming into docks almost as much as he loves doing the thumbs up.  I haven't seen this many instances of thumbs up since that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie dated the politician!

They strip down to their swimsuits, make-out while treading water, and drink.  That evening Whitney rocks a drapey, lime green summer dress (fantastic) and hair in a bun (you know when it's so damn hot and as much as you really WANT to rock your hair down in loose, beach waves, it's just like, my neck will be EN FUEGO!) and tells Chris that she's happily shelve her career in favor of being a wife and mother in Arlington, Iowa.  Hey, to each her own.  Chris hands Whitney the fantasy suite invite card and we watch the strange dance of sex negotiation for public consumption.  Finally, our bold blonde says "check, please!" and they head off for a night of INTIMATE EXPLORATION.

When it's that hot out, sometimes you rock
shorts like it's a school dance circa 1992
The next day, Becca is chilling by a rice paddy and I can't tell if she's wearing black, leather shorts or Umbros, but either way, she looks great.  Chris and Becca chug some coconut water (the kind straight from a coconut--not from Whole Foods), put on some layers and head into a temple, and get some love advice from a local wise man.  He says that Becca's biggest weakness is that she can't be controlled (bitches be making decisions for themselves!) and that they should make love. Aww snap--Wise Man is laying the ground work for a conversation that Becca has been meaning to have all season!  He really IS a wise man! That night Becca rocks a fantastic, short and flirty amber dress and wedge heels (like a disco queen dream!) and Chris continues his armpit sweat tour of Bali.  Over dinner, Chris says that the most important thing is that Becca be able to see herself living in Iowa and she doesn't give him much of a response.  She describes what it must feel like to fall in love like a scientist analyzing an experiment and agrees to go into the Fantasy Suite, where she will tell him that she is saving herself for marriage.  As they head into the suite, Chris says that they are going to "get to know each other on a whole different level--a level of intimacy that we haven’t been allowed" but he's about to get a curve ball.  Becca tells him that she still has her V card and Chris seems stunned and not thrilled and says that he respects it.  My take is that Chris has always seen her as a bit of a youngster (she's 26 to his 33, has never been in love, and her family practically showed him her Barbie Dreamhouse) and that's his only reservation with her.  

The next day Chris is scared of hurting a girl, terrified, and unsure.  Chris Harrison and Chris sit down for a conversation and Bachelor Nation's favorite host asks Prince Farming about the virgin Becca situation.  Did anyone else find it super creepy to hear them discuss her virginity--especially since Chris Harrison brought it up as information he knew, but Chris hadn't been the one to tell him?  So weird! 

Finally, it's rose ceremony time and HOLY CULTURAL APPROPRIATION this rose ceremony is going to happen on the hallowed ground of an Indonesian temple and they are all dressed up in traditional Balinese clothing.  Whitney is rocking a frosted pink lip and good volume in her updo and bun (not easy!), Kaitlyn has a fierce fuscia ensemble and lip, and Becca's loose bun looks effortlessly perfect (but you know it probably took six dozen tries to get right).  Everybody is ready to be loved/publicly humiliated and the 2 roses are stacked!  

But before he can hand out roses that have probably been kept on ice by a segment producer for the past week, Chris wants to have a quick talk with Becca.  Apparently they had an extremely intense conversation the morning after their Fantasy Suite night and they both feel unsettled.  Whitney and Kaitlyn assume that Chris is pulling her aside to send her home without the humiliation of a rose ceremony and Kaitlyn has a good laugh at that prospect (oh girl).  Becca somehow talks her way back to safety (you could TELL that Chris was about to stick her in a cab and send her back to Shreveport) and the rose ceremony is back on!  The music is TENSE! Whitney scores the first rose (her voice is pretty annoying, but she's a warm, bubbly lady and she is WICKED ready to settle down and be Mrs. Prince Farming) and you can tell that Kaitlyn knows what a rose for Whitney means for her.  Chris didn't escort Becca back into the temple just to send her home.  Becca is given the final rose and Kaitlyn is devastated.  Chris walks her out and Kaitlyn makes pained faces, cries into him, and finally gets in the rejection van.  In the van, she cries hard while putting her seat belt on (smart girl) and says that she just went through "the most humiliating moment of my whole friction' life" which warmed my heart.  Kaitlyn, you're fun and pretty and rad--you'll be just fine, sweet maple leaf.  And I used to hate you!  See there--you made a fan out of me! You'll land on your feet, sweet girl. 

Next week is the women tell all and I can't WAIT!  I'm sure that Britt has been applying make-up before bed every night in preparation and I bet that Kelsey has been flipping through her SAT vocab flashcards! 

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