Thursday, December 12, 2013



We all know that on January 6th, a new season of the franchise that America loves to hate--The Bachelor--will come roaring back with Juan Pablo (who is apparently going by just "Juan" now) in the driver's seat of that train bound for glory (and if not "glory," at least an all expenses pair, televised wedding).  But what's more important than Juan and his harem of inevitably long haired ladies?

The fact that I will be back to doing my life's work--writing snarky, rock & roll trivia-filled recaps of every episode--but not on this blog.  No, sweet friends.  Selena's moving on up in the world.  Not moving up to the east side like the Jeffersons.  No, I'll be moving from my personal account here on blogger to Huff Post TV.

Yes, my phenomenal recaps will be read by even more Bachelor-addicted, wine-drinking jazzy cats who secretly wish that Chris Harrison would coach them after dates.  I'll post the links here just in case any blogger die-hards have a hard time finding their way over to Huff Post TV.

Check out a preview and listen to Juan's sexy accent here.