Monday, November 9, 2020

Bachelorette Clare Ep 4: Blown Up


This entry is very belated, as ABC aired The Bachelorette on Thursday instead of Tuesday due to the election and then we learned the results of the election on Saturday and I've mostly been drunk and dancing ever since!  So I'm late with this and honestly, Thursday night's episode of the feels like it happened a million years ago! 

I watched Thursday night's episode live and to be honest, I don't remember much of it.  I remember Chris Harrison going to Clare's hotel room to do a Love Intervention of sorts.  Then she goes on a 1:1 date with Dale while the rest of the guys sit around their hotel suite assuring one another that Clare still has an open heart.  Oh you poor, poor fools.  Meanwhile Dale and Clare have dinner and it's a very standard 1st date in that they discuss their parents' courtships and get to know VERY BASIC things about one another, but also, before all that, Clare tells Dale that he's the one and she is ending this season to run off into the sunset with him.  At first he seemed a little bit thrown off and I got definite "too  much too soon" vibes off him, but he seems to be into it, based on how the rest of the episode played out. 

The next day, Chris Harrison goes back to Clare's room for Love Intervention: Part II during which he asks Clare if they have said I love you, if they are both 100% into this, and if he can basically declare her time as The Bachelorette over.  She says yes to all this, then goes to say goodbye to the guys. 

It was stunning how much one women dumping 15ish guys at the same time really felt like watching a breakup, ya know? I thought it would feel formal and workplace presentation-like, but it actually felt like watching a couple talk through a breakup. And I appreciate that a few of the guys were a bit defensive or doubtful of Dale's intentions (BLAKE), but most were just happy that Clare accomplished what she came there to do: find love.  

Then we cut to Dale proposing to Clare (who is wearing a gorgeous white dress) and her accepting, and the next thing we know, Chris Harrison is informing the guys that a new bachelorette will be arriving TONIGHT and here comes Tayshia!! 

I'm glad that Clare found love and I TRULY TRULY hope that she and Dale are in it together forever.  But it all feels a LITTLE quick, no?? But then again, who knows?  There's no right or wrong timeline!  My parents dated 2 months then got engaged and were married within 6 months and their 50th wedding anniversary is coming up!  I KNOW!!  

I'm really glad for the remaining guys that they get another chance at competitive, reality TV love and I think Tayshia is a perfect pick.  She's gorgeous, smart, and eager to TRULY do this thing.  I think she'll be a fantastic Bachelorette.  What do yo think, fellow Bach fans???