Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bachelor Colton: End of Season Thoughts

Hi, love bugs!

I'm sorry that I have slacked so much this season--especially these past few weeks.  Work has been busy busy, Mercury is retrograde, and things are just a bit upside down right now.  I still haven't watched the Women Tell All episode (I KNOW!) but last night I DID watch night 1 of the 2 night finale, along with a gaggle of gal pals.  We had SO much fun chowing on pizza, cheese, Thin Mints, and more, plus sipping some bubbly and wine and howling at the screen.

OK how do you feel about how this season has ended?  I have a few general, quick thoughts and I'm doing them as a bulleted list b/c I'm tired.

  • Alabama Hannah left with her head held high which I admire, but also which felt a lil calculating in that it felt like a damn audition tape for her as the next Bachelorette, ya know? 
  • Caelynn's departure felt the same way. 
  • PORTUGAL! The final 3 being Cassie, other Hannah, and Tayshia made sense to me. 
  • The fact that Colton became fixated on the ONE woman who was a bit stand off-ish to him is sort of classic, self-defeating, romantic behavior, you know?  It also seems to align with his own self-assessment, which is that when he loves women they do not love him back and he's unlovable. I wonder how much of his supposed feelings for Cassie are just genuine feelings, and how much are some way of his own brain/self-identity recreating the SAME PATTERNS that he almost "NEEDS" for him to know who he is, you know?  As Dr. Phil says, people do what WORKS for them, and for Colton, it seems that up to this point, it has "worked" for him to be the lovelorn singleton, ya know? 
  • Cassie's fathering showing up in Portugal was NOT OK.  Cassie is an adult, she can make her own damn decisions, DAD!! It felt really patronizing and infantilizing.  
  • Then when Colton has decided that he wants to lose his virginity to Cassie and she throws him the curve ball that she is DONE HERE and HEADING HOME, he says that he is going to "fight for her." FIGHT WHOM, exactly, Colton? Fight HER? Because there isn't another guy here--this isn't a love triangle. Cassie has decided that she can't do this and she is leaving, so here is an idea: how bout you respect her boundaries and walk away, OK? 
BUT NOPE!  I am SURE that tonight (night 2 of the finale), he will CHASE HER DOWN and all of America will learn a terrible lesson: that when young women say it, "no" means "maybe" and they want to be worn down by a pushy dude.  WHEEEEEE! 

We SCREAMED when Chris Harrison asked Colton if perhaps Cassie is "just not that into you"and I think it was a great question.  

As far as last night's episode, Colton's hair was too spiky and strange. Tayshia was graceful and calm, but her look was too monochromatic.  God could I PLEASE get a bold lip or SOMETHING??? And sweet, sweet Other Hannah. She was BLINDSIDED in Portugal, she did NOT match her face bronzer to her hands during that crying season, and then she STILL seemed upset in the studio!  And I get it--she has every right to be!  Also I LOVED how damn 80s her look was! Big, sparkly earrings and a dark green, satin dress!  I appreciate that she put Colton THROUGH IT and didn't let him off easily. 

And tonight, it seems that Colton fights for Cassie once again, and maybe the result will be different (apparently Colton recently posted something on social media that showed him working out with Cassie's sister's boyfriend) But NONETHELESS, the damaging message that a girl just wants you to GRIND HER DOWN will still be shared with Bachelor Nation and America.  Ahh well. 

What are your thoughts on this season? Have you enjoyed it? Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette?