Friday, January 4, 2019


Greetings, love bugs!!

It was a busy fall so I totally neglected my blog but I am back in action because, as you no doubt know, a fresh season of The Bachelor is about to kick off and COLTON is the first-ever VIRGIN BACHELOR and we haven't seen this much hemming and hawing over when a person would lose his/her virginity since the Olsen twins were tweens!!

I will be recapping all season long, as per usual.  But more important, I will be hosting a LIVE premier watch party at QED in Astoria, Queens (take the N or W to the last top and it's a few blocks from there) on Monday Jan 7th!!  The event is doors at 7:00pm, then at 7:30pm I'll be sharing a short PowerPoint that I am creating for the big kick-off (no joke), then at 8:00pm The Bachelor starts and there is a firm NO TALKING rule.  But we can talk during commercial breaks. 

Come hang out with me!! And check back here all seasons for my silly recaps in which I weave my own stories of heartbreak into judgments about this reality TV show and also talk way too much about hair, make-up, and dresses.

In the words of our last Bach leader, LET'S DO THE DAMN THING!!

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