Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recap will be late


Word on the street is that last night Sean and the non-crazy ladies from this season said sayonara Tierra (that ALMOST rhymes--SO CLOSE!) and Tierra (aliases: Claw, Tierrible) was finally put out of her misery.  Goodness gracious is there an episode that I need to watch MORE than Tierra's less-than-triumphant goodbye!?  Dammit! 

Last I was busy drinking wine and eating a delicious, homemade dinner with friends (Buuuuuh, I KNOW! Cut it with the generous invitations, jerks!) so I missed out on everyone's favorite train wreck, The Bachelor.  I have a few gigs this week, but I'm scheduling some serious Lenny time with my TV for Thursday night.  Yes, while functional adults capable of love are out celebrating Valentine's Day through traditional gestures such as flowers, cards, or heavy petting, I'll be cozying up to a fresh episode of Bach (and probably some take out sushi and wine) to spend V night with my true love: The Bachelor.  So a recap won't be up for a few days, sweet pussycats.  My apologies/deal with it.  xoxo 

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