Thursday, September 30, 2010

A heartbreaker

Hey hey,

I know I said I'd talk about House of Pain, but I wanted to post something more important instead. This article from is beautifully written and heartbreaking.

It seems like there has been a barrage of news stories about gay teens lately, one more worrisome than the next. These kids are being bullied and tortured by their awful peers.

I'm not gay, but I know what it's like to hate high school and feel like there's no end in sight and no way out.

I was walking through the east village after a few beers the other night, and I found myself thinking about how much I love my life now. I live in a big city where nobody bats an eye (whatever you wear or do or how you look), I'm doing what I love, and I can choose to interact with people who make me happy and avoid jerks. I thought to myself, "Man-- I wish I could go back to 15 year old Selena and say, 'Hold on tight, kiddo-- it gets better, I promise. In just 15 years. JUST the length of time you're ALREADY been alive. Things will improve.'"

Ha. Well, at least it eventually does.

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