Wednesday, September 29, 2010

House of Pain

I was just doing some VERY important research online. Research that involves googling key words like, "House of Pain" and "Celtics" and "Shamrocks and Shenanigans." Pretty major stuff going on in my life these days, people. I stumbled upon an image that looks just like a poster from back in the late 1990s. Said poster hung over my bed when I was a teenager (before it was replaced by a stolen Route 95 highway sign stolen for me by a delightful gentleman caller). Said poster even made the move to college with me, too. Now THAT is House of Pain fandom. Looking at it now, it's a pretty creepy image. Worst of all, turns out the boys of House of Pain aren't even native Massholes! What the heeeeck!?

Is that not the most disgusting "poster" you have ever seen? It's three pasty, hungover white guys standing outside a door. This must have been taken in the same photo shoot as my original poster, because I remember DJ Lethal (my favorite of the trio) was in that hoodie. Do I get some street cred and/or validation of the fact that I have a photographic memory for pulling that one outta the deep recesses of my brain? Thanks.

Keeping with the House of Pain theme here, my next entries will be about two other HOP-related stories: (1) when my good buddy Connor (frequent reader, frequent commenter!) bought me a House of Pain bumper sticker, and its untimely demise; (2) my favorite Red Sox hat, autographed by the hottie himself, DJ Lethal.

Until then, I'm performing in Hoboken tonight (Busker's Bar), and I'll be wearing a bikini on stage at Comix tomorrow night. Long story.

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