Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday is CONNOTATION


On Wednesday night (holy crypes that is tomorrow) Luca Lounge (Ave B between 13th and 14th) will showcase a night of comedy the likes of which have not been seen since LAST Wednesday night. "Connotation" the best (and only) Wednesday night show at Luca Lounge, is officially launching. It's a kickoff, people. We had a "soft launch" (picture a tiny kitten falling into basket of pillows) a few weeks back to get things going, work out any kinks. Now Dan Cartwright Adam Cozens, and I (the 3 C's of comedy) are ready to get this shiz GOING (picture a lion being dropped into a basket of bricks-- huh?).

We may have cookies (if I feel motivated tonight after I get back from an appointment. Yes, I'm going to leave it ambiguous to keep you guessing, dear reader), we will definitely have beer (hell yeah!) and we may have a cameo from an ex-boyfriend of mine (seriously--he's a dollface and we're buddies now, despite the fact that I dumped him in 2003 and regretted it within minutes--now we're buddies and he'll be in NYC on business).

The line-up is rad:

Jay Welch (Comic Strip Live, NYU Library, wicked fakin smaat)
Jena Friedman (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, buddies with my sister's former boss, Jeff Garlin)
Christian Finnegan (Chapelle Show, has a siiiiiick new album out)
Ed Larson (Murderfist, has a wicked dope weave (jk about weave part-- it's all real))
Videos by Bobby Chicago (I met these guys when I was a wee lass just taking classes at UCB and they still crack me up everytime.)
Carrie Gravenson (Disruptive Influence Show and a hella good brunch host)

and your Connotation co-producers,
Adam Cozens (Sirius XM Radio, king of the "Beefy T" joke)
Dan Cartwright (The Check Spot Podcast and my part-time therapist)
Selena Coppock (McSweeney's and writer of this here blog)

8pm - drinks and listening to Dan Cartwright's iPod (he needs your validation)
8:30pm - show
Do it up!

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