Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy fall!

Hello, pussycats!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with two weddings, a bunch of shows, some filming, and a lot of writing. I have lots more shows coming up and I need to buckle down and get this book proposal out the door. I haven’t procrastinated this much since college!

A few rad updates:

-On Wednesday I performed at Arlene’s Grocery in “Schtick or Treat,” the annual show produced/hosted by Mark Normand and Matt Ruby, which features tons of NYC comedians doing impressions of their favorite famous standups. I studied Kathy Griffin’s act and really came to love some of her stuff—her storytelling-style material, her pacing, her ability to punch a moment with just a tiny movement or expressions. And the fact that she often walks on stage with middle fingers blazing. A woman after my own heart. The amazing Mindy Tucker took fantastic photos of the whole night. Here are a few of me as Kathy:

-My weekly show, Connotation (at Luca Lounge on Ave B and 13th Street) is still going strong. We have KILLER line-ups the next few weeks and I’m really fired up. Every Wednesday night free comedy at 8! Do it up!

-I was recently lead to an amazing book by a really interesting woman: the brilliant Pema Chodron.
If you seek to learn how to slow down, let things go, be kind to yourself, meditate, and so much more, read some of her books. Truly amazing stuff that has helped me out a lot.

-I filmed a hilarious video for College Humor yesterday and has a blast doing it. I’ll post it once it’s live.

Happy Halloween!

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