Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Delay

Yo yo yo Bachelor Pals!

I'm behind in my recap this week and I sincerely apologize.  I know that there are TENS of you out there ITCHING for my zingers about who was an idiot this week and who had bad hair, etc.  I had a gig last night, so I couldn't watch Bachelor live (I KNOW! WHAT THE HEEEECK!?), but I taped it.  So tonight I shall eat whatever the hell is in my cupboard (mama don't get paid 'till Friday and she just dropped a small fortune on lotion cause it's winter and her skin is feeling like a sausage casing (if sausage casings were dry, itchy, and bright white)) and watch BACH.

Then I'll stay up all night writing my perfect recap BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.  After all, without Bach, what do I have?  Just a head of award winning hair, a phenomenal personality, a posse of sweet amigos, and an apartment with cross-ventilation and lots of sunlight?  I got lost in there somewhere.  The point is, I'm late with my recap and I'm sorry.  Stay tuned! 

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