Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am crazy busy!! Bah!!!

Bachelorette friends!!

I didn't watch Rachel and the Boyz live last night because I had a storytelling show.  I have a standup show tonight, then the amazing variety show that I co-produce and co-host on Wednesday night, and possibly a date on Thursday (I always plan to be cancelled on, but who knows).  So I'll be late with my recap and I'm very sorry.

The next few weeks will be BONKERS as I'm on a ton of awesome shows and then on Wednesday July 26th I'm recording my first standup album!  Wheeeee!  So please bear with me, I love you all, Rachel rules, all that jazz.

Info about the album is here:

It will be a super fun night.  My wonderful pal Chelsea White will be hosting and my hilarious friend George Gordon will be performing, also.

Buy your tickets NOW to lock in the cheaper price!  Tickets to the 7:00 show can be purchased online here:


and tickets for the 9:30 show can be purchased here:



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