Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bach Sean FINALE

Jazzy cats!!

I'm sure that you watched the 3 hour Bach extravaganza last night and watched the silver vs. gold show down between Lindsay (in a silver dress that looked like it was borrowed from a late 90s sorority formal and purchased at Deb or Rave) and Catherine (in a gorgeous, gold, one shoulder gown--my fave--and serious heels). 

By now, you know that Catherine, the west coast graphic designer whose father battles depression came out "on top" (yikes, just stumbled into some sexual innuendo there, I think) and won Sean's heart.  Lindsay cried, Chris Harrison repeatedly called the events "historic" and "unprecedented" and America watched.  I'll write a full recap this week, so stay tuned.  Until then, enjoy this photo of Sean  representing the red (shorts), white (watch), and blue (tank top) in the wilds of Thailand.  AMERICA!

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