Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Party Themes List

Here's a list I wrote that was just negged by McSweeney's. As I hold back tears of rejection and depression, enjoy my brilliance.

Less Successful Party Themes in the Style of Models & Bottles or Kegs & Eggs

By Selena Coppock

Shots & Femme Bots

Screwdrivers & Scuba Divers

Jack Daniels & Cocker Spaniels

Dewars Gin & Howard Zinn

Orangina & Vagina

Captain Morgan & Andrea Dworkin

Cheap Vodka & Franz Kafka

40 Oz. of Olde English & a professor of Olde English

Whiskey on the Rocks & the Chicago White Sox

Mad Dog 20/20 & the anchors of “20/20”

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