Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ep 3 recap is coming!!


I'm so sorry that I am SO LATE with my Bachelor episode 3 recap.  On Monday I had a storytelling show, then some plans with a dude (read: FLIRT HARD but try to act casual and pretend that wearing that much eyeliner is TOTALLY NORMAL but reassure him that you're not a goth chick) so I couldn't watch.  Tuesday night I hosted a dinner party (aren't I so domestic?  Yet still a feminist--people are surprising, eh?) so I couldn't watch.  Tonight (Wed) I'm doing an 8pm show at The Creek (and it is going to RULE) so I miiiight be able to watch/recap late night.  We shall see.  Just hang tight, sweet pussycats.  I'll be back soon!  xoxo, Lenny

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