Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feeling like a million dollars

Hey lovers!

Since Ben's season of "The Bachelor" ended, I haven't been posting on here much. I'm still trying to put back together the pieces of my life after shaggy-haired Ben picked prickle puss Courtney. Only kidding-- I could give a rat's ass what those losers do (off camera). I've been busy with a trip to Florida, a lot of writing, and a little cold. But I'm back on the 'ole blog machine making fresh, hot blogs for ya!

I want to share a quick story of something that happened yesterday that was pretty rad.

I had my weekly stand-up comedy show at Luca Lounge on Avenue B between 13th and 14th in NYC's East Village. Almost every Wednesday, I go to the bodega on the corner of Avenue B and 13th to get cash (b/c Luca Lounge is cash only), maybe buy a bottle of water, and buy chips or snacks for my show. Last night was no exception-- I went to the ATM within that bodega to take out $40 cash.

As I was typing in my pin number, I looked down and noticed that $40 was already sitting in the little tray where you get your money. Someone had obviously walked off without taking their money. Oh man that sucks. I took my $40 from the machine, but I didn't want to leave the other $40 in the tray at the ATM. So I took the $40 up to the checkout and explained to the cashier that somebody must have gone to the ATM, but walked off without their money. I asked him to hold the money because I was guessing that the person would probably come back for their cash. The cashier looked at me like I was an alien and a fool, "You found this cash just sitting in the ATM now, and you're giving it to me for safe keeping?"
"Yes," I replied. "I just could never take it-- it's not my money. I bet that person will come back."
Then I went to the back of the store to get a bottle of juice. When I walked back to the front, a woman was running in the front door and making her way to the ATM while saying, "Oh no no no- excuse me-- oh no I think I left it there..." She was wearing the uniform to a fast food restaurant and seemed pretty upset. As she moved by me, I said, "Did you leave money at the ATM?" and she was like, "Yes! I left $40 there just a few minutes ago." I looked at the cashier and he pulled out the $40 and said that I had found it and given it to him for safe keeping. The woman was elated and SO thankful. The sweet cashier was like, "This nice girl- she couldn't take it," and I was like, "No way--I couldn't take it--it's not mine. That's just not how my parents raised me." The woman was SO sweet and kept thanking me and blessing me. It was a pretty amazing exchange. Giving that woman back her 40 dollars made me feel like about a million dollars.

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