Thursday, July 19, 2012

I owe you a recap

Sweet jazzy cats!

I have been derelict in my duty to write you a snark-filled recap of The Bachelorette.  I was on vacation in upstate NY, living life like a gal from "Rock of Love" by spending about 24 hours a day for 5 days in a bikini.  But I'm back in NYC now and ready to get back on the joke & judgment train.  I assume that Arie is still a pasty loser and Jef is still an immature trust fund kid?  This past Monday was "The Men Tell All" I believe, and I'm sure it was JUICY!  Juicy like a tracksuit with a hypersexual adjective for females written across the RUMP!  I'll watch it this weekend and get back to you.

Programming note: the final rose AND after the final rose special are both airing on Sunday, July 22.  ABC is cramming a whole lotta Bachelorette programming down our throats, but we'll make it through.  A fresh recap will come soon, lovercats! xoxo

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